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Title: Tour de France / Bastille Day Celebration !! Member: Admin Date: July 10,2009 Time: 5:29pm
Yep, it's that time of year once again. To help celebrate TdF and Bastille, BikeRegistry is making available this unprecedented offer. Register your bike during the week of July 12th and receive a FREE BikeRegistry Decal Kit. Simply register as usual, then pop an email off to with the following info: Your Name, desired ink color and whether Obama or BikeRegistry logo. We'll handle the rest! Limited to the 1st 500 new Members registered! During time period 12-July thru 18-July-2009.

Title: Security Chain/Monobloc Padlock Member: Jake Date: June 16,2009 Time: 10:21am
I got the security chain yesterday, very fast shipping. Great lock, love the cover. Thanks for providing such a good product!

Title: Tandem & Twitter Member: Admin Date: June 11,2009 Time: 1:01pm
Added support for tandem bikes! Also added a "ShareThis" button to enable instant Tweets and connectivity of stolen bikes to a whole range of social networks! Inclusive of FaceBook, SMS text, MySpace, Email, Buzz Up!, etc.

Title: ALL Global "States" Added Member: Admin Date: June 3,2009 Time: 4:05pm
Updated the "drop down" menus to include ALL of the States/Parishes, etc of every Country in the World. Believe all are now included

Title: Progress in Sonoma County Member: Andrea Date: May 14,2009 Time: 11:01am

Progress in Sonoma County,

Title: Lock/Chain Member: Kelly Date: May 7,2009 Time: 9:18am
Many thanks for the 2 locksets & decals. Got 'em in 2 days!
Admin: No probs. Also, we did get in a new shipment of bulk chain. Should you need a custom length, just drop me an email.
May 7,2009 10:13am

Title: Site Update Member: Admin Date: April 20,2009 Time: 10:18am
As requested we added support for "Recumbents" to accommodate the bent bike community. Updated the bike manufacturers and added some more frame sizes to the drop down menus.

Title: more in your store Member: Johanna Date: April 15,2009 Time: 1:03pm
hey i was thinking how awesome it would be if you had the decal picture, but in a patch format that could be sewn to bike bags etc. maybe even with reflective stuff woven in?
Admin: Many thanks for the idea, would be easy; we have the logo in EPS vector format. We recently added "case-hardened" security chain (square link) to the E-Store (this stuff is IMPOSSIBLY hard to cut with a hacksaw, bolt cutter, electric grinder, etc). And thank you for the Decal Kit order, it shipped this afternoon. Please make sure to type in the private URL address shown in the instructions, there you will find a few tips and tricks not made available on the public site. - Jerome K.
April 15,2009 3:12pm

Title: Colorado success story. Member: Chris Date: April 12,2009 Time: 11:43am

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Title: Could you add Member: Nick Date: April 10,2009 Time: 6:15am
Hello, I have a folding bike manufactured by the German company "Bernds". Could you please add it to the drop-down menus?
Admin: Added this morning. Thanks for the suggestion! Thought we had them all....
April 10,2009 9:13AM

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