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Title: Saddle Leash Help Member: Mateo Date: October 21,2009 Time: 8:19pm
I was wondering how to actually install the Saddle Leash onto my bike. I didn't receive any instructions. Thanks!
Admin: Yes, not a problem. Just posted the Instructions for the Saddle Leash on its product page in the E-Store.
October 21,2009 5:55pm

Title: New BikeReg Warehouse! Member: Admin Date: September 25,2009 Time: 09:00am
Opened up a new warehouse in Clear Lake City this weekend to provide additional capacity for shipping & receiving! Located at 1322 Space Park Drive (close to NASA's Johnson Space Center).

Title: NYC Bike Thief Smackdown Member: David Date: September 10,2009 Time: 10:16pm
Believe somebody was lookin for this earlier, VideoLink. Bannned by uTube for brutality, I think it is actually quite humorous....

Title: BikeRegistry SMACKDOWN Challenge Member: Admin Date: Sep 2,2009 Time: 10:02am
We know our Bike Lock System is the BEST in the biz; considering durability, portability, value and overall sexy good looks.  Should you be an independent author and wish to conduct a “Lock Smackdown” evaluation among all the usual suspects including BikeRegistry, drop us a line for some demo units.

Title: Israeli Police Choose BikeRegistry! Member: Admin Date: Aug 27,2009 Time: 5:02pm
Tel Aviv, Israel – After careful review of all the approaches to bike security used around the world, the Tel Aviv Police have chosen the peer based method pioneered by BikeRegistry. For details please see: Press Release #1 & Press Release #2 & Press Release #3.

Title: Just got the new chain and lock Member: Steve Date: August 18,2009 Time: 11:59pm
Just got the new chain and lock in the mail today. It's pretty bad-ass. It arrived to me in Canada in 8 days. FYI to the other Canadians who want to order it, shipping was very reasonable and the bloodsuckers at customs didn't charge me anything extra when it crossed the border. Happy riding!

Title: BikeRegistry Challenge Member: Admin Date: Aug 4,2009 Time: 10:32am

Back to School Challenge – OK, knowing a quite a few Members utilize their own artistic talents in tagging their rides (in lieu of using a Decal Kit), we offer the following challenge.  During the back to school month of August, send in a pic of your BikeRegistry custom tagged bike. Winner will be rewarded with a BikeRegistry Security Chain.  Award date: Friday the 28th of August.     Questions? =    Admin: Congrats to the winner, NYC based artist/cyclist Santiago Mostyn!!

Title: RAGBRAI Member: John Date: July 31,2009 Time: 3:55pm
Many thanks from the WilsonArt RAGBRAI team! Our “throw down” Cannondale backup bike was lifted off the team bus at the overnight stop in Ottumwa. Just got a call from the Wapello County Sherriff’s dept, they found it and called me to come & pick it up. Keep up the good work!

Title: FOUND bike Member: Bob Date: July 21,2009 Time: 6:49am

WE, the Jermyn Police Department, have recovered a possibly stolen bicycle and wanted to post here. It is a DYNO brand "Divine" model, pink in color. Many extras on this bike. Call the Jermyn Borough Police Jermyn, PA to claim.

Admin: Got it posted to Hot Sheet. With Links! (Also sent out some BikeRegistry Decal Kits to the Jermyn Police Department to make tracking missing bikes a bit easier.)
July 21,2009 10:03am

Title: Tour de France / Bastille Day Celebration !! Member: Admin Date: July 10,2009 Time: 5:29pm
Yep, it's that time of year once again. To help celebrate TdF and Bastille, BikeRegistry is making available this unprecedented offer. Register your bike during the week of July 12th and receive a FREE BikeRegistry Decal Kit. Simply register as usual, then pop an email off to with the following info: Your Name, desired ink color and whether Obama or BikeRegistry logo. We'll handle the rest! Limited to the 1st 500 new Members registered! During time period 12-July thru 18-July-2009.

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