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Title: 2016 model year Member: Michael Date: April 4,2016 Time: 4:46pm
Need to update pull-down menu for model year with 2016. Thanks.
Admin: Got it fixed. Many thanks for the heads up! -jerome k
April 4,2016 9:51pm

Title: SAME DAY GONE Member: wade Date: January 16,2016 Time: 3:54am
GO FIGURE this city is totaly screwed up my wifes giant she just bought yesterday and we just registered today and guess what she rides it over to a friends house goes to the door and when she comes back to take her bike into the house a min later the bastereds have already grabbed the giant and is ridding down the road away from her and she stands there so pissed off that she could just shoot the idiot that stoll her bike from her. its like they wait in the bushes for people to be lax and poof.

Title: SpyBike Member: John Date: May 16,2014 Time: 9:43am
Do you plan on continuing to sell the SpyBike tracking device? I am very interested in obtaining this item.
Admin: We were stocking them last year, but not currently. The best way to purchase is direct from London, support is good and shipping is fast.
May 16,2014 12:03pm

Title: Why Only Bicycles? Member: Warren L. Date: August 27,2013 Time: 1:12am
Well, I mistakenly thought you could register motorcycles here, too. Why not add them? A database is a database. You would be increasing both your users and your usefulness as a site. If you don't want to confuse the two groups just create a motorcycle tab/page to keep it straight. I can't be the first person to register here without realizing this limitation. And for the record I ride bicycles, too. The more people you can inform the better. Seriously, why not?
Admin: Many thanks for the concept! Will give it some ponderance as we move forward with the development program at BikeRegistry. All the best, jk.
August 27,2013 12:09pm

Title: Is the abus security chain still available?? Member: Adrian Date: March 22,2012 Time: 9:34am
Didn't see the security chain listed in the e-store as of March 22, 2012. Is it just sold out, or are you no longer carrying it? If it is sold out, any idea when more might be in stock? Thanks.
Admin: Unfortunately, after selling a bunch of them over the past 2 years, we have elected to remove them from the E-Store. Have elected to concentrate on bike registration services & decal kits.
March 22,2012 10:39am

Title: Weight of BikeRegistry Security Chain w/ Monobloc Member: chris Date: February 18,2012 Time: 4:41am
Hi there, what is the weight of the chain and lock that you sell? I couldn't find it in the description. thx!
Admin: The ABUS 82/70 Monobloc comes in at 1 pound, one meter of PEWAG security chain is 3 1/2 pounds, for a total of 4 1/2 pounds.
February 18,2012 11:20am

Title: New Cool Product for 2012 Member: Admin Date: January 13,2012 Time: 4:45pm
We are very glad to receive our first stock of the new super covert GPS tracker called the "SpyBike". Totally hidden in the steering tube, brutally effective GPS bike tracker. See our E-Store for details and specifications.

Title: BikeGlow Frame Light Member: Admin Date: May 23,2011 Time: 12:08pm
We are pleased to announce that the BikeGlow “bike frame light” has been added to BikeRegistry’s E-Store after a thorough review & testing of this product by BikeRegistry. This unique light features a 10 ft. long electroluminescent flexible light tube. Waterproof power supply. YouTube vid is complete and has been posted!

Title: Bike Registry Security Chain with Monobloc Padlock Member: Jacqueline T Date: May 22,2011 Time: 5:15pm
I received my chain,saddle and wheel tethers in a ridiculously short time,the chain is heavy and intimidating. I'm looking to buy another chain soon. My problem is I came across a video on YOU Tube today that shows 3 people successfully picking the ABUS 82/70 Monobloc padlock. That was very dissapointing! It can't be cut, but it can be picked open in 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. Somebody please respond to this?
Admin: Thanks for the comment! In summary: Have shipped hundreds of these locks, never had one foiled by any means. One YouTube vid shows an empty monobloc being shimmed, something than can never happen in the real world since the security chain takes up all room in the lock "gap". There are some other vids showing kids who must have spent days locked up their little apartments honing their skill at picking one particular lock. In conclusion, if you want to see something you can prolly find it on YouTube.
May 22,2011 8:55am

Title: GPS BikeTracker Member: Admin Date: April 20,2011 Time: 10:29am
Really stoked about our new product, the SpyLamp GPS Bike Tracker .  A covert GPS/GSM tracker/transmitter combo perfect for use w/ high-end bikes, tracking your loved one on their long distance rides, police bait bikes, bike delivery services, etc.  Now stocking and shipping from Houston, Texas.

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