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Title: can you add bike manufacturer Member: Michael Date: December 18,2020 Time: 5:25pm
Can you please add "Evil" bikes to your list of manufacturers!
Admin: Done. Added, "Evil Bikes", always glad to get suggestions.
December 18,2020 6:16pm

Title: Haro backtrail x3 Member: Jered Date: May 27,2020 Time: 7:09pm
Cream colored 20 inch backtrail x3 stolen gift from a recent friend whom passed away. RIP Twin

Title: previously checked bikes Member: William Date: May 23,2018 Time: 11:00pm
maybe if you kept a database that let every member view the serial numbers they previously searched they may be able to stear an owner in the right direction to retrieve a stolen bike should that number or bike model be stolen from thier area.

Title: Previously checked bikes Member: William Date: April 11,2018 Time: 7:46pm
I had a bike I bought used, prior to buying it I checked several sites that list stolen bikes to make certain this bike was not listed. After purchasing it, it was taken from me before I had a chance to register it. Is there any way to retrieve my searches to get the serial number of the bike i searched these sites for? If anyone has an idea, please let me know.
Admin: At we do not database saved searches by our Members. I suspect the other bike registry sites also do not. The best strategy to get one's bike's info registered soon as possible.
April 11,2018 10:16pm

Title: Printable info sheet Member: Joe Date: June 23,2017 Time: 10:35pm
Would be great if we could print an info sheet and/or stolen bike flyer directly from the bike's record. Even just a raw dump of the data would make it easier to fill out a theft report with the police.
Admin: A good and practical idea! Will place it on the wish list of pending upgrades to BikeRegistry site. Many thanks! -jk
June 23,2017 8:54am

Title: Bike stolen Member: Jutorrey Date: April 2,2017 Time: 2:11pm
My GT outpost was stolen from jack n the box on 36 th street and Thomas yeaterday around 1:00pm and all I did was go in get some water and use the restroom.

Title: 2 bikes stolen offering cash reward Member: Samantha Date: November 10,2016 Time: 9:36pm
Reward $1000 for the return of the dirtbikes stolen 2:45-3:15am Oct 30th. They were stolen from my truck near corner of Retton and Malone in Reynoldsburg. 2009 Yamaha WR250F VIN: JYACG30Y29A004795 FMF/GYTR exhaust Pro Taper handlebar Blue hand guards 1997 KTM 250exc FMF graphics 82 number plates Carbon fiber pipe guard Works Connection radiator brace Works Connection frame guard Acerbis front disc guard Rear most silencer bracket is broke Renthal handle bar Black tool bag on rear fender Call Reynoldsburg Police or 911 Call or text me at 231-245-0353 or 231-335-9659

Title: Trek 7500 Member: Michael Date: October 11,2016 Time: 12:07pm
My red Trek 7500 hybrid bike was stolen in Goleta, CA last night. Cable was cut.

Title: Stolen bikes Member: Kristin Date: July 9,2016 Time: 6:13pm
I bought 2 brand new Giant Roam bikes for me and my son for our birthdays (which are the same day). He doesn't exercise much but he loves riding his bike so I decided to step it up a notch and start going on the trails and venturing out. We didnt even have the bikes 3 months and they were stolen right out of my garage. Not until then to I hear there are tracking devices & online registries for bikes. Wish I had known this before they were taken. My son is 15 and autistic & didnt take it well
Admin: Sorry to hear of your stolen bike issue. Sad deal. But keep in mind we are here, providing a free no-obligation bike registry service since 2008.
July 9,2016 2:52pm

Title: 3G Puck Venice beach Member: Patty Date: June 11,2016 Time: 7:51pm
3G Puck 24"frame coper rims. 3 speed shimano hub. Missing

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