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Lapierre Steel Black LP5E00546 dublin Dublin D18 IRELAND 20-Apr-2019 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Black EN1476# Dublin Dublin D4 IRELAND 24-May-2011 No
Specialized Carbon Fiber Black WSBC604000785F Torino Piemonte 10128 ITALY 27-Oct-2011 Yes
Colnago Carbon Fiber black matt C6E673 Luxembourg 1471 LUXEMBOURG 16-May-2015 Yes
KTM Aluminum Black w.orange det KS70301319 Skopje Centar 1000 MACEDONIA 31-Jul-2018 Yes
Giant Carbon Fiber BLACK GF3B787 Hermosillo Sonora 83106 MEXICO 11-Dec-2015 Yes
Ghost GmbH Aluminum black and green WCR106182ZL Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1012xj NETHERLANDS 18-May-2018 No
Trek Aluminum Titanium Blue WTU304C0698H Wellington Wellington 6011 NEW ZEALAND 8-May-2012 Yes
Batavus Aluminum Black/silver BA6147688 Szczecin Szczecin 70785 POLAND 8-May-2016 Yes
OTHER Aluminum blue/black Y01488006846 Krakow Malopolskie 31314 POLAND 30-Mar-2017 Yes
Specialized Aluminum White/Red WSBC601042021F Lisboa Lisboa 1070 PORTUGAL 23-Oct-2012 Yes
Orbea Carbon Fiber White-black 01091076508 Kyiv Kyyiv 03080 UKRAINE 24-Feb-2018 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Grey/white/blue/ 00785749690773 Anytonw Alaska 99999 .UNITED STATES 2-Feb-2010 Yes
Fuji Aluminum blue IF2D03450 Anytown Alaska 212 .UNITED STATES 13-Jun-2013 Yes
Gary Fisher Steel silver and dark red TBI0407C84DR019 Anytonw Alaska 99999 .UNITED STATES 13-Oct-2014 No
Jamis Steel Blue HU1213596 Anytonw Alaska 99999 .UNITED STATES 13-Oct-2014 No
Schwinn Aluminum green SNMNG09B01314 Anytown Alaska 212 .UNITED STATES 8-Jan-2013 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Black 58072186087 Scottsdale Arizona 85258 .UNITED STATES 12-Nov-2009 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Blue FM22624 Flagstaff Arizona 86001 .UNITED STATES 31-May-2016 No
Diamondback Aluminum Black DAF14B029071 Tempe Arizona 85281 .UNITED STATES 27-Feb-2018 No
Diamondback Aluminum Blue U138K16118 Chandler Arizona 85286 .UNITED STATES 14-Apr-2017 No
Felt Carbon Fiber Black F603D0211 Tucson Arizona 85742 .UNITED STATES 1-Jul-2018 Yes
Giant Aluminum green GM872622 Flagstaff Arizona 86001 .UNITED STATES 27-Jun-2011 Yes
Giant Aluminum black 6b4a4325 Phoenix Arizona 85006 .UNITED STATES 14-May-2014 Yes
Giant Multi-Material Grey gf473694 Tucson Arizona 85705 .UNITED STATES 23-Jun-2019 Yes
GT Aluminum light blue/ yellow CM140535711 Phoenix Arizona 85040 .UNITED STATES 1-Apr-2017 Yes
GT Aluminum Silver/blue/white P10760snhua08m01719 Phoenix Arizona 85040 .UNITED STATES 4-Dec-2016 Yes
Haro Titanium WHITE K11FK04494 tucson Arizona 85710 .UNITED STATES 24-Oct-2018 No
Kent Steel RED GS130314299 PHOENIX Arizona 85015 .UNITED STATES 9-Mar-2015 Yes
Kona Aluminum Blue/Silver AJ10121737 Mesa Arizona 85202 .UNITED STATES 12-Mar-2011 Yes
Kona Carbon Fiber Orange and Black comingsoon Surprise Arizona 85374 .UNITED STATES 3-Dec-2017 Yes
Linus Steel Cream L8E0600151 Tucson Arizona 85712 .UNITED STATES 8-Jan-2018 No
Marin Aluminum Silver unknown Phoenix Arizona 85304 .UNITED STATES 03-28-2009 Yes
Mongoose Aluminum Red/Black SNFSD09G49129 Mesa Arizona 85201 .UNITED STATES 17-May-2012 No
Nishiki Aluminum white ACA150501500 Phoenix Arizona 85009 .UNITED STATES 10-May-2019 Yes
Raleigh Steel blue U13u00850 Phoenix Arizona 85051 .UNITED STATES 26-Jul-2014 Yes
Raleigh Aluminum black gray blue F403880047 Gilbert Arizona 85234 .UNITED STATES 17-Jan-2017 Yes
Schwinn Aluminum maroon S16A06130 Tucson Arizona 85710 .UNITED STATES 29-May-2016 Yes
Schwinn Aluminum Red/Black SNXDS17A40926 Mesa Arizona 85207 .UNITED STATES 30-Nov-2018 No
Schwinn Aluminum White/Red 13A20912 Tucson Arizona 85719 .UNITED STATES 11-Dec-2013 Yes
Schwinn Aluminum Red/Black/White unknown Arizona 85016 .UNITED STATES 24-Oct-2016 No
SE Aluminum Orange/silver G71844MO1 Phoenix Arizona 85040 .UNITED STATES 18-Nov-2016 Yes
Specialized Aluminum White BC6021599661 Phoenix Arizona 85044 .UNITED STATES 16-Nov-2014 No
Specialized Aluminum Red WSBC602391505H Peoria Arizona 85345 .UNITED STATES 17-Jul-2015 No
Specialized Titanium black WSBC602103991 phoenix Arizona 85054 .UNITED STATES 1-Dec-2014 Yes
Specialized Carbon Fiber Purple WSBE711029220M Phoenix Arizona 85008 .UNITED STATES 19-Oct-2017 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Black wsbc602187063k Phoenix Arizona 85016 .UNITED STATES 28-Apr-2016 No
Specialized Aluminum Black P8HG00162 Phoenix Arizona 85018 .UNITED STATES 7-Aug-2009 No
Specialized Aluminum Red & white WSBC606162376H Phoenix Arizona 85044 .UNITED STATES 16-Nov-2014 No
Specialized Aluminum Black 26T30113621 Phoenix Arizona 85044 .UNITED STATES 13-Nov-2015 Yes
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