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Scott Aluminum Gray H8EB59517 Harjumaa 13620 ESTONIA 30-May-2011 No
Trek Aluminum Black WTU307C1088F Tallinn Harjumaa 13412 ESTONIA 5-Aug-2011 Yes
Pinnacle Aluminum Hacki IEC504000251 Madrid 28702 SPAIN 8-Sep-2016 No
Cube Carbon Fiber Black, White, Red 0 Barcelona Catalonia BN18 9BA SPAIN 9-Oct-2011 Yes
Decathlon Aluminum White, Green 000900225491 Barcelona Catalonia BN18 9BA SPAIN 9-Oct-2011 Yes
Yeti Carbon Fiber tequise/orange 7e0fd510047y Palma Islas Baleares 02017 SPAIN 26-Jul-2018 Yes
Scott Aluminum gold GX412620 Southern Finland 00500 FINLAND 4-Oct-2010 No
Giant Aluminum Bleu et noir GN1914660 ALFORTVILLE (94140) Ile-de-France 94140 FRANCE 17-Sep-2021 Yes
Strida Steel Orange M08G001965 Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees 31000 FRANCE 12-Apr-2015 Yes
Dawes Aluminum Black with pink MAT13043581 Stoke Gifford Avon BS348XX .UNITED KINGDOM 7-Aug-2018 No
Carrera Multi-Material Grey AJ70713681H London Greater London E140NJ .UNITED KINGDOM 21-Sep-2020 No
Carrera Aluminum Gray/orange AA80313853 Reading Berkshire Rg15as .UNITED KINGDOM 1-Jun-2019 No
OTHER Carbon Fiber White E210L07F0019 Reading Berkshire RG1 5DD .UNITED KINGDOM 30-Apr-2012 Yes
Specialized Aluminum White WSBC606130162L Wokingham Berkshire RG412RS .UNITED KINGDOM 12-Aug-2019 No
Trek Aluminum Black and Green WTU194G5970G Reading Berkshire RG2 7DA .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Jun-2014 No
Giant Aluminum turquoise CC2F8984 Birmingham West Midlands B17 0EH .UNITED KINGDOM 23-Sep-2014 No
Specialized Aluminum WHITE/BLACK/RED WSBC601085880H Tipton West Midlands Dy4 8PW .UNITED KINGDOM 11-Apr-2013 Yes
OTHER Aluminum Black n/a Jersey Central JE3 1DD .UNITED KINGDOM 15-Feb-2019 No
Carrera Aluminum Grey AJ20340556 Birmingham Birmingham B9 5BD .UNITED KINGDOM 28-Mar-2019 No
Pinnacle Aluminum Matte black 081839797 Birmingham Birmingham B17 0ld .UNITED KINGDOM 17-Jun-2019 No
Merida Aluminum Orange/Red WC507785N Yate Bristol BS37 7UF .UNITED KINGDOM 3-Jun-2019 Yes
Carrera Aluminum Red AA80432492 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP10 9BN .UNITED KINGDOM 19-Jul-2019 Yes
Voodoo Aluminum Red AA80948021 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP10 9BN .UNITED KINGDOM 9-Apr-2019 Yes
Brompton Steel read and black 148199 St. Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 6DR .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Mar-2013 No
Carrera Aluminum grey with orange AA80606989 Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 3AS .UNITED KINGDOM 23-Mar-2019 Yes
OTHER Aluminum silver dbat0050093 Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB23 1JW .UNITED KINGDOM 27-Oct-2014 Yes
Giant Aluminum Red - Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 3BT .UNITED KINGDOM 19-Aug-2012 Yes
Specialized Carbon Fiber Chameleon Green WSBC604312914n Netherseal Derbyshire DE12 8BP .UNITED KINGDOM 31-Aug-2019 No
Merida Aluminum Blue WC223233M Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL522JJ .UNITED KINGDOM 6-May-2019 Yes
Carrera Aluminum Black (pink/blue) AJ61109635 Southampton Hampshire SO15 8QB .UNITED KINGDOM 21-Aug-2017 No
Carrera Steel Dark blue / yellow 298734 Winchester Hampshire SO22 6LT .UNITED KINGDOM 5-Jul-2018 No
Carrera Aluminum Green 12345678 Eastleigh Hampshire So508nb .UNITED KINGDOM 1-Jul-2019 No
Cube Aluminum White Red WOW94836PSHN Portsmouth Hampshire PO1 3AB .UNITED KINGDOM 28-May-2019 Yes
Cube Carbon Fiber Blue WOW10499PSAR Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 7RR .UNITED KINGDOM 18-May-2019 Yes
Decathlon Aluminum Red dontknow Southampton Hampshire so16 7ls .UNITED KINGDOM 14-Jun-2015 Yes
GT Aluminum Black & Grey PL09F00275 Southampton Hampshire SO40 9JE .UNITED KINGDOM 6-Oct-2010 No
Kona Steel Smoke na STOCKBRIDGE Hampshire aaaaaa .UNITED KINGDOM 7-Feb-2013 Yes
OTHER Aluminum tobacco BA07360064 Southampton Hampshire SO167ES .UNITED KINGDOM 22-May-2019 Yes
OTHER Aluminum Grey TH90200027 Bordon Hampshire GU35 8HB .UNITED KINGDOM 21-May-2019 No
OTHER Carbon Fiber White UT0911241 Bordon Hampshire GU35 8HB .UNITED KINGDOM 21-May-2019 Yes
Saracen Steel Silver SA70802291 Bramley Hampshire RG265DP .UNITED KINGDOM 25-Jul-2019 No
OTHER Aluminum Grey 50149044 Walton on thames Kingston upon Thames Kt121aa .UNITED KINGDOM 24-Aug-2019 No
Specialized Aluminum Black + Orange WSBC602153708K London Lambeth SW2 4DL .UNITED KINGDOM 21-Apr-2016 Yes
Carrera Carbon Fiber Black and blue 282991 ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 9LS .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Oct-2012 No
Carrera Aluminum Blue and white AJS1003000 Lancaster Lancashire LA14AU .UNITED KINGDOM 9-Mar-2019 Yes
Gary Fisher Aluminum acid yellow ? Leeds Leeds LS10 1JT .UNITED KINGDOM 29-Jul-2009 Yes
Carrera Aluminum black / green 1824742 Leicester Leicester le3 5lu .UNITED KINGDOM 19-Jun-2019 Yes
Brompton Titanium Black and Red 1902251028 London London SW18 2RP .UNITED KINGDOM 29-Jun-2019 Yes
Cube Aluminum Black/grey & green WOW57840PSEL London London N1 7GS .UNITED KINGDOM 30-Apr-2019 Yes
Decathlon Aluminum Yellow P1R080990119 London London SE1 2EB .UNITED KINGDOM 2-Nov-2009 Yes
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