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Trek Multi-Material Silver/Black WTU062L00 Burlington Vermont 05401 .UNITED STATES 11-Oct-2015 Yes
Alubike Aluminum Aqua (blue/orange) WTU065C1666M Seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 6-Jun-2020 Yes
Barracuda Aluminum Black KM5020364 Bothell Washington 98021 .UNITED STATES 7-Feb-2019 No
Bridgestone Steel Pink B729519 Kirkland Washington 98033 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2013 No
Cannondale Aluminum White ICC013603177 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 1-Mar-2015 No
Cannondale Aluminum White QM68908 Seattle Washington 98144 .UNITED STATES 29-Sep-2019 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Dark blue-green JK01322 Seattle Washington 98109 .UNITED STATES 3-May-2015 No
Cannondale Steel Black MB72679 Seattle Washington 98122 .UNITED STATES 28-Dec-2019 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Black FA06434 Seattle Washington 98119 .UNITED STATES 17-Aug-2017 No
Cannondale Aluminum Black/ green n/a Puyallup Washington 98372 .UNITED STATES 6-Aug-2015 No
Cannondale Aluminum Egyptian Blue XM40294 REDMOND Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 14-Apr-2012 No
Charge Aluminum Blue HAOVD02793 Seattle Washington 98199 .UNITED STATES 27-Nov-2014 Yes
Diamondback Aluminum white DAP12H007924 Seattle Washington 98102 .UNITED STATES 13-Nov-2013 Yes
Diamondback Aluminum Dark Gray DAP14E005732 poulsbo Washington 98370 .UNITED STATES 24-Mar-2016 No
Diamondback Aluminum white DAP13B012188 Milton Washington 98354 .UNITED STATES 3-Jun-2016 Yes
Diamondback Multi-Material Vibrant Green 08A0039019 Vancouver Washington 98661 .UNITED STATES 5-Jun-2013 No
Diamondback Aluminum Red DAU13L002099 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 3-Jan-2017 No
Diamondback Aluminum White U81K28286 BREMERTON Washington 98337 .UNITED STATES 3-Nov-2012 Yes
Diamondback Aluminum black I4H19700 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 20-Sep-2013 No
Diamondback Steel Blue DAP15M007503 Mountlake Terrace Washington 98043 .UNITED STATES 4-Aug-2016 Yes
Felt Carbon Fiber Blk w/blue &white f1206a4168 Lynnwood Washington 98037 .UNITED STATES 14-Dec-2015 No
Fuji Multi-Material Orange WBD338L04380 Seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 13-Jul-2017 No
Fuji Aluminum Black/Red WBD01L0309J Seattle Washington 98109 .UNITED STATES 11-Jul-2014 No
Fuji Aluminum white/ purple 785749022260 Seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 9-Jul-2017 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Grey WBD314L105LN Seattle Washington 98104 .UNITED STATES 3-Jun-2017 No
Fuji Aluminum Black SFJ165IC0077K Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 21-Nov-2016 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Grey WBD065L1420L SEATTLE Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 11-Mar-2016 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Black WBD333L04785 Seattle Washington 98144 .UNITED STATES 4-Jan-2015 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Black/Lime Green PE327Ic0429J Seattle Washington 98199 .UNITED STATES 22-Nov-2013 No
Fuji Aluminum black/blue WBD33345905 Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 23-Aug-2014 No
Fuji Multi-Material Black w/ blu&yello pe153ic0474j Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 16-Jul-2014 Yes
Fuji Aluminum White WBD201L0032J Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 30-Oct-2016 No
Fuji Aluminum BLACK WBD021L0054L Seattle Washington 98109 .UNITED STATES 24-May-2017 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Matte Black WBD013L03351 Seattle Washington 98109 .UNITED STATES 28-Nov-2015 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Grey WBD078L0886L Seattle Washington 98116 .UNITED STATES 3-Sep-2018 Yes
Fuji Aluminum gray WBD341L0675J Edmonds Washington 98026 .UNITED STATES 30-Nov-2014 No
Fuji Aluminum Gray WBD093L0442L Bothell Washington 98011 .UNITED STATES 31-Dec-2020 No
Fuji Carbon Fiber White ICFJ11F13963 seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 9-Oct-2014 No
Fuji Aluminum Black and Red SWBD339L1240J Seattle Washington 98121 .UNITED STATES 5-Sep-2015 Yes
Gary Fisher Aluminum Blue and silver WTU350SZ1714E Seattle Washington 98104 .UNITED STATES 30-Sep-2017 Yes
Giant Aluminum Blue w/Orange deta Dk:WGIGS512622K Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 12-Dec-2017 No
Giant Aluminum Silver and Purple #C53J3134 Washington 98168 .UNITED STATES 27-Jun-2015 No
Giant Aluminum Black C2CF6729 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 11-Oct-2019 No
Giant Aluminum Blue WBD075L1149M Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 27-May-2018 No
Giant Aluminum green cs0g9446 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 2-Feb-2017 No
Giant Aluminum blue GA505201 Bellevue Washington 98006 .UNITED STATES 1-Aug-2012 No
GT Aluminum Black F130800196 Seattle Washington 98133 .UNITED STATES 22-Apr-2015 Yes
GT Multi-Material Black cm14d50486 Redmond Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2014 Yes
GT Aluminum Gray F120555785 Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 19-Mar-2016 Yes
GT Aluminum Teal, Neon Green, CM17D521053 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 15-Dec-2018 No
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