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Fuji Carbon Fiber White ICFJ11F13963 seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 9-Oct-2014 No
Fuji Aluminum Grey WBD314L105LN Seattle Washington 98104 .UNITED STATES 3-Jun-2017 No
Fuji Aluminum Black and Red SWBD339L1240J Seattle Washington 98121 .UNITED STATES 5-Sep-2015 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Grey WBD065L1420L SEATTLE Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 11-Mar-2016 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Black SFJ165IC0077K Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 21-Nov-2016 Yes
Gary Fisher Aluminum Blue and silver WTU350SZ1714E Seattle Washington 98104 .UNITED STATES 30-Sep-2017 Yes
Giant Aluminum blue GA505201 Bellevue Washington 98006 .UNITED STATES 1-Aug-2012 No
Giant Aluminum Blue w/Orange deta Dk:WGIGS512622K Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 12-Dec-2017 No
Giant Aluminum Black C2CF6729 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 11-Oct-2019 No
Giant Aluminum Silver and Purple #C53J3134 Washington 98168 .UNITED STATES 27-Jun-2015 No
Giant Aluminum Blue WBD075L1149M Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 27-May-2018 No
Giant Aluminum green cs0g9446 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 2-Feb-2017 No
GT Aluminum Black F130800196 Seattle Washington 98133 .UNITED STATES 22-Apr-2015 Yes
GT Aluminum Gray F120555785 Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 19-Mar-2016 Yes
GT Aluminum Teal, Neon Green, CM17D521053 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 15-Dec-2018 No
GT Multi-Material Black cm14d50486 Redmond Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2014 Yes
GT Aluminum grey G13TML153 tacoma Washington 98404 .UNITED STATES 25-Sep-2013 Yes
GT Aluminum black and orange H328-T Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 10-Dec-2014 No
GT Aluminum Gray CM14C517267 Everett Washington 98203 .UNITED STATES 2-Sep-2016 Yes
Jamis Aluminum Black and Silver U02U10688 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 4-Apr-2014 No
Kona Aluminum Black/Gray AJ09114688 Bellingham Washington 98225 .UNITED STATES 22-Jan-2013 No
Kona Aluminum Black T14010713 SEATTLE Washington 98102 .UNITED STATES 2-Nov-2014 No
Kona Aluminum Black F1105K0177 Bellingham Washington 98225 .UNITED STATES 29-Oct-2016 Yes
Kona Aluminum Yellow AK70600982 Lynden Washington 98264 .UNITED STATES 24-May-2018 Yes
Kona Steel Green White gp009016 Spokane Washington 99205 .UNITED STATES 16-Jun-2015 Yes
LeMond Steel black and yellow ao29954s seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 10-Oct-2012 Yes
Marin Steel Black ? Seattle Washington 98122 .UNITED STATES 13-Jun-2013 Yes
Mongoose Aluminum Silver,Black,Orang unknown Redmond Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 15-Mar-2016 Yes
Mongoose Aluminum WHITE SNFSD14B19411 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 5-Oct-2016 No
Nishiki Steel Brown LS188312 Seattle Washington 98101 .UNITED STATES 28-Sep-2018 Yes
Norco Carbon Fiber Dark Blue NCL15121633 Seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 17-May-2019 Yes
Novara Aluminum Blue w/white U110K16523 Lynnwood Washington 98037 .UNITED STATES 14-Dec-2015 No
Novara Aluminum green/white U138K10495 Seattle Washington 98112 .UNITED STATES 10-Sep-2015 Yes
Novara Steel Gray A1067665 Everett Washington 98208 .UNITED STATES 24-May-2012 No
OTHER Steel dark blue ? seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 3-Aug-2015 Yes
OTHER Steel Dark Gray n Red SB236081 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 25-Jun-2015 No
Pacific Cycles Steel Chrome/silver - bl Not known Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 20-Jul-2016 Yes
Performance Steel Red / Black CM13E516822 Seattle Washington 98105 .UNITED STATES 8-Oct-2015 Yes
Raleigh Carbon Fiber Black U115C35233 Redmond Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 22-Jun-2015 No
Raleigh Aluminum Black U0YK09525 Milton Washington 98354 .UNITED STATES 3-Jun-2016 Yes
Raleigh Multi-Material Green UU167E049 Seattle Washington 98108 .UNITED STATES 16-Jun-2019 Yes
Raleigh Steel red 600041 Bremerton Washington 98312 .UNITED STATES 28-May-2018 Yes
Ridley Aluminum Black pbife7rid203 Lynnwood Washington 98036 .UNITED STATES 15-Aug-2016 Yes
Scattante Aluminum White/Red WBD330L0323J Seattle Washington 98107 .UNITED STATES 16-Apr-2015 Yes
Scattante Aluminum White/Purple WDB330L0384J Seattle Washington 98103 .UNITED STATES 12-Jun-2014 No
Scattante Multi-Material Dark Mettalic Blue ICFJ10802892 Seattle Washington 98195 .UNITED STATES 10-Jul-2012 Yes
Schwinn Multi-Material White SNIDC12J00444 Seattle Washington 98102 .UNITED STATES 7-Sep-2015 No
Schwinn Multi-Material black F104432 Port Townsend Washington 98368 .UNITED STATES 22-Aug-2014 No
Scott Aluminum BLACK CAOAY238 REDMOND Washington 98052 .UNITED STATES 14-Apr-2012 No
Specialized Steel Blue P9CA60927 Port Angeles Washington 98362 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2014 Yes
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