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Kona Aluminum Blue H5GZ20645 Rochester New York 14620 .UNITED STATES 24-Aug-2017 Yes
LeMond Steel Black WL028282 NY New York 10113 .UNITED STATES 6-Apr-2010 Yes
Linus Steel sky blue BAA205SKBM2 brooklyn New York 11201 .UNITED STATES 13-Sep-2016 Yes
Montague Aluminum White/Black HBGSL01009 New York New York 10036 .UNITED STATES 12-May-2011 Yes
OTHER Aluminum blue N/A New York New York 10010 .UNITED STATES 20-Jun-2013 Yes
OTHER Steel Oregano green U172U01704 New York 11201 .UNITED STATES 15-Nov-2017 Yes
Raleigh Multi-Material Grey U67K37609 Brooklyn New York 11217 .UNITED STATES 22-Jul-2010 No
Raleigh Steel Tan G1243 Scottsville New York 14546 .UNITED STATES 30-Jun-2014 Yes
Schwinn Aluminum silver dontknow Brooklyn New York 11222 .UNITED STATES 22-Jul-2009 No
Schwinn Multi-Material Rootbeer / maroon n/a New York New York 10016 .UNITED STATES 7-Apr-2011 No
Schwinn Aluminum Black 000000000000 Brooklyn New York 11201 .UNITED STATES 11-Aug-2009 Yes
Specialized Multi-Material Black / Gray WUD80939359D Binghamton New York 13901 .UNITED STATES 20-Sep-2015 No
Specialized Aluminum Black WSBC6040589905K New York New York 10023 .UNITED STATES 2-Nov-2015 Yes
Surly Steel Green M11093767 Scottsville New York 14546 .UNITED STATES 30-Jun-2014 Yes
Trek Aluminum Blue wtu113C0 brooklyn New York 11232 .UNITED STATES 11-Sep-2016 Yes
Trek Aluminum Black wtu017c3862g Brooklyn New York 11201 .UNITED STATES 14-Jun-2016 Yes
Trek Carbon Fiber Black WTU116C677OG Rochester New York 14626 .UNITED STATES 7-Sep-2016 No
Trek Aluminum Black 063016115727936 Brooklyn New York 11206 .UNITED STATES 18-Jul-2016 Yes
Trek Aluminum Light blue WTU298C0341B brooklyn New York 11217 .UNITED STATES 13-Sep-2009 Yes
Trek Aluminum Black WTU102C1192L Mount Vernon New York 10552 .UNITED STATES 25-Oct-2017 No
Bianchi Aluminum Green H8HR03940 Perrysburg Ohio 43551 .UNITED STATES 26-Jul-2017 Yes
Concorde Steel blue and yellow 0026578 McArthur Ohio 45651 .UNITED STATES 20-Jul-2013 No
Diamondback Steel green DAF17D006693 COLUMBUS Ohio 43203 .UNITED STATES 13-Aug-2018 No
Diamondback Aluminum Green U167K01741 Sunnyvale Ohio 94086 .UNITED STATES 11-Sep-2017 Yes
Giant Aluminum Gray 17234368 Twinsburg Ohio 44087 .UNITED STATES 22-Jul-2017 No
Giordana Aluminum white unknown Toledo Ohio 43607 .UNITED STATES 15-Oct-2012 No
Humber Steel black notsure Albany Ohio 45710 .UNITED STATES 3-Apr-2008 No
KHS Aluminum blue 10U00081 Columbus Ohio 43206 .UNITED STATES 10-Jul-2013 No
Mongoose Multi-Material Black with pink tr SNFSD14FB2802 MOUNT VERNON Ohio 43050 .UNITED STATES 17-Oct-2014 No
Schwinn Steel Blue LL531209 Columbus Ohio 43201 .UNITED STATES 10-Nov-2015 Yes
Surly Steel Black M7122562 Columbus Ohio 43215 .UNITED STATES 13-Sep-2014 No
Trek Aluminum White WTU138C6061G Norman Oklahoma 73071 .UNITED STATES 15-Jul-2016 No
Trek Multi-Material dark green T1JB64780 Stillwater Oklahoma 74074 .UNITED STATES 30-Jun-2010 No
Argon Carbon Fiber Black Matt w/ red 370280020 Portland Oregon 97203 .UNITED STATES 13-May-2015 Yes
Bianchi Aluminum Black white blue Av08931851 Gresham Oregon 97080 .UNITED STATES 16-May-2019 Yes
Bianchi Multi-Material Aqua Blue / Drk Blue H4D00240 Portland Oregon 97923 .UNITED STATES 03-04-2009 No
BMC Multi-Material Black ST1S2J1912 Portland Oregon 97204 .UNITED STATES 5-Nov-2013 Yes
Cannondale Multi-Material Black 8278580002 Portland Oregon 97202 .UNITED STATES 22-Jun-2015 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Whie & Blue BM57489 Portland Oregon 97203 .UNITED STATES 21-May-2017 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum White F110407644 Tigard Oregon 97223 .UNITED STATES 9-Sep-2012 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum Black TM11230 Milwaukie Oregon 97222 .UNITED STATES 27-Oct-2016 Yes
Diamondback Aluminum Grey U173K05214 Maupin Oregon 97037 .UNITED STATES 24-Jun-2019 No
Electra Aluminum Orange Pearl ELT2B57799 Eugene Oregon 97403 .UNITED STATES 22-Nov-2014 Yes
FIT Steel Black/Red YB14AB1196 Portland Oregon 97233 .UNITED STATES 12-Mar-2015 No
Focus Carbon Fiber Grey/Silver/Black 186342007 Portland Oregon 97217 .UNITED STATES 12-Jun-2015 Yes
Fuji Aluminum red and gray 1F3C08855 Portland Oregon 97206 .UNITED STATES 22-May-2013 No
Fuji Aluminum White black red 1f00702893 Portland Oregon 97222 .UNITED STATES 3-Jul-2018 No
Gary Fisher Aluminum Black WTU304G0488D SHERWOOD Oregon 97140 .UNITED STATES 15-Jul-2018 Yes
Giant Aluminum Dark BLue C38D3921 Hillsboro Oregon 97124 .UNITED STATES 27-Apr-2010 No
Giant Steel Black C79AC954 Portland Oregon 97209 .UNITED STATES 24-Aug-2016 Yes
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