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Cannondale Carbon Fiber White KM80584 Highlands Ranch Colorado 80129 .UNITED STATES 3-Oct-2015 Yes
Cannondale Titanium Black 5dmgilmd982737p Lakewood Colorado 80214 .UNITED STATES 30-Dec-2020 No
Cannondale Aluminum Gray/Black S041840 Denver Colorado 80206 .UNITED STATES 6-Oct-2017 Yes
Cervelo Carbon Fiber Silver SNR3C13A00738 Golden Colorado 80401 .UNITED STATES 28-Oct-2014 No
Diamondback Aluminum orange 56k45329 denver Colorado 80204 .UNITED STATES 16-May-2009 No
Diamondback Aluminum Blue U15YK25113 Denver Colorado 80210 .UNITED STATES 30-Nov-2016 Yes
Diamondback Aluminum Silver/gray DAP15E006922 Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 26-Oct-2017 No
FIT Multi-Material Black Yb1i07741 Boulder Colorado 80302 .UNITED STATES 12-Dec-2018 No
Gary Fisher Aluminum Green/Silver WL3429657 Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 22-Aug-2017 Yes
Giant Aluminum Black / Yellow CBCC9901 Denver Colorado 80205 .UNITED STATES 15-Mar-2020 No
Giant Steel White C50AC889 Superior Colorado 80027 .UNITED STATES 13-Sep-2011 Yes
GT Aluminum Blue CM14G504975 Boulder Colorado 80301 .UNITED STATES 21-Apr-2015 Yes
Jamis Aluminum black, white, blue uc125ko6121 Denver Colorado 80207 .UNITED STATES 17-Jun-2013 Yes
NEXT Steel BLACK LWLC018545 Fountain Colorado 80817 .UNITED STATES 13-Jun-2012 No
Niner Carbon Fiber Black with red 22616C30057 Boulder Colorado 80304 .UNITED STATES 16-Apr-2018 Yes
Novara Steel green 806Y05622 Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 26-May-2010 Yes
Novara Aluminum Red and White U148K14717 Boulder Colorado 80302 .UNITED STATES 26-Nov-2017 Yes
OTHER Carbon Fiber Carbon NA Ft. Morgan Colorado 80701 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2016 Yes
OTHER Carbon Fiber Red V18128F30163 Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 9-Nov-2019 No
OTHER Carbon Fiber Black XC17DAH07780LG Golden Colorado 80401 .UNITED STATES 31-Jul-2018 Yes
Raleigh Aluminum Black u10k19802 Denver Colorado 80219 .UNITED STATES 1-Apr-2018 Yes
Raleigh Aluminum Black/grey missing Lakewood Colorado 80226 .UNITED STATES 13-Apr-2017 No
Redline Carbon Fiber Black u135k13673 Golden Colorado 80401 .UNITED STATES 28-Oct-2014 No
Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Yellow PSJ1312DXL0732 Highlands Ranch Colorado 80126 .UNITED STATES 12-May-2017 Yes
Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber orange gfsns0015dm04934 Manitou Springs Colorado 80829 .UNITED STATES 18-Mar-2021 Yes
Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Black 2045461 Lakewood Colorado 80228 .UNITED STATES 12-Aug-2014 Yes
Schwinn Aluminum Black SNXDS11J06550 Denver Colorado 80210 .UNITED STATES 17-Jul-2012 No
Scott Carbon Fiber BLACK R104090517 Lakewood Colorado 80228 .UNITED STATES 24-Jul-2021 No
Specialized Aluminum Brown/Black missing Lakewood Colorado 80226 .UNITED STATES 13-Apr-2017 No
Specialized Carbon Fiber BLUE WUD246886B Lakewood Colorado 80228 .UNITED STATES 24-Jul-2021 No
Specialized Steel Red P8CG12000 Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 3-Sep-2011 No
Specialized Carbon Fiber turq/sil WSBC61401158 Boulder Colorado 80301 .UNITED STATES 28-Jul-2017 Yes
Specialized Carbon Fiber Bkack/teal N/A Denver Colorado 80219 .UNITED STATES 8-Mar-2020 No
Trek Aluminum blue WTU109C7595G Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 30-Oct-2015 Yes
Trek Carbon Fiber white WTU154QU5088H Denver Colorado 80209 .UNITED STATES 17-Apr-2017 Yes
Trek Multi-Material Black and white Wtu216c1820c Lakewood Colorado 80215 .UNITED STATES 17-May-2017 No
Trek Aluminum Black WTU069C1033K Boulder Colorado 80303 .UNITED STATES 7-Apr-2016 Yes
Trek Carbon Fiber Green/Yellow wtu017ct0004k Manitou Springs Colorado 80829 .UNITED STATES 18-Mar-2021 Yes
Trek Aluminum Blue and Black C64FT10Z Golden Colorado 80401 .UNITED STATES 10-Aug-2009 Yes
Trek Aluminum Red/White/Black WTU339C9238H Fort Collins Colorado 80525 .UNITED STATES 31-Aug-2015 Yes
Trek Carbon Fiber Blue and White with Decals 08102044R Golden Colorado 80401 .UNITED STATES 10-Aug-2009 Yes
Giant Aluminum Matte Black/White C74R0045 West Haven Connecticut 06516 .UNITED STATES 23-Sep-2016 No
GT Aluminum black and orange H328-T Columbus Connecticut 00000 .UNITED STATES 10-Dec-2014 No
OTHER Multi-Material green and white M10505294 New Haven Connecticut 06511 .UNITED STATES 28-Mar-2017 Yes
Schwinn Steel white unknown west hartford Connecticut 06119 .UNITED STATES 10-Jul-2013 Yes
Activa Multi-Material Teal WSKH44388 Washington District of Columbia 20024 .UNITED STATES 3-Sep-2016 No
Cannondale Aluminum silver F110214861 Washington District of Columbia 20008 .UNITED STATES 3-Apr-2013 No
Electra Steel silver NA Washington District of Columbia 20010 .UNITED STATES 22-May-2009 Yes
Felt Aluminum black orange blue SIGTOB177 Washington District of Columbia 20010 .UNITED STATES 28-Jan-2015 Yes
Fuji Aluminum Orange SWBD307L0399P WASHINGTON District of Columbia 20020 .UNITED STATES 11-Nov-2020 No
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