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Malvern Star Aluminum blue didnt write dow Wollongong New South Wales 2518 AUSTRALIA 2-Feb-2011 Yes
Surly Steel black M11061785 Pheasants Nest New South Wales 2574 AUSTRALIA 3-Sep-2014 Yes
Kona Aluminum BluBlk, Wht Decals AJ11069280 Vancouver British Columbia v5k1y4 CANADA 4-Feb-2015 Yes
Marin Aluminum Gravel greyish C545G5B006 Vancouver British Columbia V5L1Z7 CANADA 16-Apr-2009 No
Specialized Steel White WSBC602347974F Kelowna British Columbia v1z 1s1 CANADA 9-Aug-2012 Yes
Specialized Aluminum bronze P10BB60364 Sooke British Columbia V9Z 0M5 CANADA 31-Oct-2012 Yes
Trek Aluminum Black WTU127C9630H BURNABY British Columbia V5A 3V3 CANADA 5-Nov-2014 Yes
GT Aluminum Black-orange-white N61288557 Brandon Manitoba r7a4r6 CANADA 10-Jun-2014 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Black +green WSBC602213117G Brandon Manitoba r7a4r6 CANADA 10-Jun-2014 Yes
Norco Aluminum Black/Gray A40602287 Toronto Ontario M6P5A1 CANADA 4-Oct-2012 Yes
OTHER Aluminum black and blue Y12K013645 St Catharines Ontario L2R 5Z5 CANADA 10-Sep-2014 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Bright Blue WSBC602103174F Kingston Ontario k7k6k7 CANADA 23-Aug-2012 Yes
Giant Aluminum grey GV0005089 Hong Kong Guangdong 00000 CHINA 7-Apr-2012 Yes
Giant Carbon Fiber Black BG4B839 Loerrach Baden-Wurttemberg 79539 GERMANY 9-Oct-2013 Yes
OTHER Multi-Material RED-WHITE CD10L44491 BERLIN Berlin 10585 GERMANY 7-Jun-2011 No
Surly Steel green 12040433 Berlin Berlin 13467 GERMANY 11-Jul-2014 Yes
OTHER Steel white D07217G Copenhague Frederiksborg 2000 DENMARK 13-Jan-2014 Yes
Cube Aluminum Grey/Green WOW28416F Odense SŲ Fyn 5220 DENMARK 17-May-2012 No
Cannondale Aluminum White KM31225 Copenhagen Kobenhavn 1552 DENMARK 11-May-2013 Yes
Cannondale Multi-Material White KM56954 Copenhagen Kobenhavn 1552 DENMARK 11-May-2013 Yes
Coppi Aluminum velvet bluegrey S13TCZK60271 Copenhagen Kobenhavn 2300 DENMARK 22-Oct-2013 Yes
OTHER Aluminum BLACK WTT50375J copenhagen Kobenhavn 2300 DENMARK 7-Sep-2014 No
OTHER Aluminum Black VF5112417F Kobenhavn 1422 DENMARK 22-Jul-2014 No
Stevens Aluminum velvet vluegrey S11TCZKK0178 Copenhagen Kobenhavn 2300 DENMARK 11-Sep-2013 Yes
Cube Aluminum Black WOW45753 Tallinn Harjumaa 13521 ESTONIA 11-Jun-2012 Yes
Scott Aluminum Gray H8EB59517 Harjumaa 13620 ESTONIA 30-May-2011 No
Trek Aluminum Black WTU307C1088F Tallinn Harjumaa 13412 ESTONIA 5-Aug-2011 Yes
Cube Carbon Fiber Black, White, Red 0 Barcelona Catalonia BN18 9BA SPAIN 9-Oct-2011 Yes
Decathlon Aluminum White, Green 000900225491 Barcelona Catalonia BN18 9BA SPAIN 9-Oct-2011 Yes
Scott Aluminum gold GX412620 Southern Finland 00500 FINLAND 4-Oct-2010 No
OTHER Carbon Fiber White E210L07F0019 Reading Berkshire RG1 5DD .UNITED KINGDOM 30-Apr-2012 Yes
Trek Aluminum Black and Green WTU194G5970G Reading Berkshire RG2 7DA .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Jun-2014 No
Giant Aluminum turquoise CC2F8984 Birmingham West Midlands B17 0EH .UNITED KINGDOM 23-Sep-2014 No
Specialized Aluminum WHITE/BLACK/RED WSBC601085880H Tipton West Midlands Dy4 8PW .UNITED KINGDOM 11-Apr-2013 Yes
Brompton Steel read and black 148199 St. Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 6DR .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Mar-2013 No
OTHER Aluminum silver dbat0050093 Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB23 1JW .UNITED KINGDOM 27-Oct-2014 Yes
Giant Aluminum Red - Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 3BT .UNITED KINGDOM 19-Aug-2012 Yes
GT Aluminum Black & Grey PL09F00275 Southampton Hampshire SO40 9JE .UNITED KINGDOM 6-Oct-2010 No
Kona Steel Smoke na STOCKBRIDGE Hampshire aaaaaa .UNITED KINGDOM 7-Feb-2013 Yes
Carrera Carbon Fiber Black and blue 282991 ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 9LS .UNITED KINGDOM 8-Oct-2012 No
Gary Fisher Aluminum acid yellow ? Leeds Leeds LS10 1JT .UNITED KINGDOM 29-Jul-2009 Yes
Decathlon Aluminum Yellow P1R080990119 London London SE1 2EB .UNITED KINGDOM 2-Nov-2009 Yes
LeMond Aluminum Silver WTU323SM0444a London London EC4 7EF .UNITED KINGDOM 7-Apr-2009 No
OTHER Aluminum WHITE AT80900372 LONDON London W1W5EF .UNITED KINGDOM 17-Dec-2012 No
Ribble Steel Blue/White Horizontal fade reynolds London London N1 .UNITED KINGDOM 31-Jul-2009 Yes
Specialized Aluminum white EN14764 LONDON London E1 0JS .UNITED KINGDOM 14-Jun-2012 Yes
Trek Aluminum black/white WTU152SZ0279F Middlesex London UB6 7BS .UNITED KINGDOM 27-Aug-2011 Yes
Kona Aluminum red don'tknow Norwich Norfolk NR2 3BS .UNITED KINGDOM 3-Mar-2012 Yes
Trek Multi-Material Red and White WL3168411 Bath Somerset BA2 7AT .UNITED KINGDOM 23-Apr-2011 No
Raleigh Steel Purple& Light Blue 2079127 EDINBURGH Edinburgh EH3 9DH .UNITED KINGDOM 11-Mar-2012 Yes
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