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Trek Multi-Material Black matte WTU323C2200N Vienna Wien 1090 AUSTRIA 11-May-2019 Yes
Malvern Star Aluminum blue didnt write dow Wollongong New South Wales 2518 AUSTRALIA 2-Feb-2011 Yes
Surly Steel black M11061785 Pheasants Nest New South Wales 2574 AUSTRALIA 3-Sep-2014 Yes
Canyon Aluminum Stealth Black 3A4K51472 Vilvoorde Vlaams-Brabant 1800 BELGIUM 28-Mar-2017 Yes
Canyon Aluminum Black (Stealth) M1315B14K0421 Vilvoorde Vlaams-Brabant 1800 BELGIUM 28-Mar-2017 No
BMC Carbon Fiber red 4R15I6088 ALKEN Limburg 3570 BELGIUM 27-Jul-2019 Yes
Cannondale Aluminum white NM34692 Calgary Alberta T2V2V1 CANADA 26-Apr-2019 No
Giant Aluminum Black TRA158578407 Calgary Alberta T3C 3X6 CANADA 24-Aug-2019 Yes
Giant Aluminum black/blue GP520266 Calgary Alberta T2V2V1 CANADA 26-Apr-2019 No
Kona Aluminum Dark grey H3DZ07830 Calgary Alberta T3E2G9 CANADA 31-May-2018 No
OTHER Aluminum White C051002810 Calgary Alberta T2e2n4 CANADA 13-Jun-2018 No
OTHER Steel Red 137035226 Edmonton Alberta T5N 3T8 CANADA 23-Sep-2016 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Black WSBC606091139H Calgary Alberta T3e3m7 CANADA 15-Jun-2020 No
Specialized Aluminum Teal WSBC602338002J Edmonton Alberta T5T4K8 CANADA 18-Apr-2017 No
Giant Aluminum white C7147925 Montreal Quebec H2X1S2 CANADA 10-Nov-2014 Yes
Trek Aluminum Grey WTU145G0423N Quebec City Quebec G3J 1K6 CANADA 26-Dec-2019 Yes
Trek Aluminum Grey WTU132G0123N Quebec City Quebec G3J 1K6 CANADA 26-Dec-2019 Yes
Kona Aluminum Grey IN19100894 Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7H1J6 CANADA 12-Sep-2019 Yes
Orbea Aluminum Orange snara160007765 Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 4N8 CANADA 19-Apr-2018 No
Specialized Aluminum Black WSBC606030509M Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7M0A6 CANADA 26-May-2019 Yes
Del Sol Multi-Material black K17EH00852 VANCOUVER British Columbia V6R 2B8 CANADA 4-Jun-2018 Yes
Giant Aluminum black GA599988 chilliwack British Columbia v2p2z4 CANADA 15-Jan-2016 No
Kona Aluminum BluBlk, Wht Decals AJ11069280 Vancouver British Columbia v5k1y4 CANADA 4-Feb-2015 Yes
Marin Aluminum Gravel greyish C545G5B006 Vancouver British Columbia V5L1Z7 CANADA 16-Apr-2009 No
Marin Multi-Material Black CA12263ID038 Surrey British Columbia V3S7J9 CANADA 17-Mar-2017 Yes
Norco Aluminum BLUE METALLIC FRH SF3095371 chilliwack British Columbia v2p6j1 CANADA 6-Oct-2015 Yes
Rocky Mountain Aluminum Black PRK1296330 Vancouver British Columbia v6a0c6 CANADA 20-Apr-2013 Yes
Santa Cruz Aluminum Skidmark brown GK882057 Golden British Columbia V0A1H1 CANADA 5-Aug-2019 Yes
Specialized Steel White WSBC602347974F Kelowna British Columbia v1z 1s1 CANADA 9-Aug-2012 Yes
Specialized Aluminum bronze P10BB60364 Sooke British Columbia V9Z 0M5 CANADA 31-Oct-2012 Yes
Specialized Carbon Fiber Neon green Wsbc615009201j Penticton British Columbia V2A 2J3 CANADA 12-Dec-2016 No
Trek Aluminum Black WTU127C9630H BURNABY British Columbia V5A 3V3 CANADA 5-Nov-2014 Yes
Trek Steel White Wtu069C6887H Surrey British Columbia V3S7J9 CANADA 17-Mar-2017 Yes
Trek Aluminum Red Wtu0047c1183m Maple ridge British Columbia V4r1v8 CANADA 6-Apr-2020 No
Devinci Aluminum red AA11016468 Winnipeg Manitoba R3N 1A7 CANADA 26-Apr-2019 No
GT Aluminum Black-orange-white N61288557 Brandon Manitoba r7a4r6 CANADA 10-Jun-2014 Yes
Specialized Aluminum Black +green WSBC602213117G Brandon Manitoba r7a4r6 CANADA 10-Jun-2014 Yes
Kona Aluminum Blue IN10110879 Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 4A9 CANADA 21-Jul-2017 No
Cannondale Carbon Fiber Green/Black S008243 Mississauga Ontario L5A 2C9 CANADA 28-Nov-2016 Yes
Genesis Aluminum Black 844110040 Toronto Ontario M6S 5A2 CANADA 23-Jul-2019 No
Giant Carbon Fiber Blue / Silver Acc. K08043259 Burlington Ontario L7R3P9 CANADA 15-Jun-2019 Yes
Giant Aluminum grey/gold K37038615 NORTH YORK Ontario M2N 7A2 CANADA 26-Jul-2017 Yes
Giant Multi-Material Aluminum/black c54a8871 Toronto Ontario m1l 1j8 CANADA 15-Jul-2017 Yes
Giant Aluminum Blue/Orange 5340696K67020050 North York Ontario M3J 1L4 CANADA 18-Jun-2020 Yes
Giant Aluminum Grey/silver C23D8079 Ottawa Ontario K1z5x5 CANADA 24-Jun-2016 Yes
Kona Aluminum Blue AJ61100780 Toronto Ontario M5G CANADA 5-Feb-2018 No
Norco Aluminum Grey and orange A11001357 London Ontario N6C 3X6 CANADA 2-Jul-2019 Yes
Norco Aluminum Black/Gray A40602287 Toronto Ontario M6P5A1 CANADA 4-Oct-2012 Yes
OTHER Aluminum black and blue Y12K013645 St Catharines Ontario L2R 5Z5 CANADA 10-Sep-2014 Yes
OTHER Aluminum blue and white 883701025110 Scarborough Ontario M1S 2A9 CANADA 3-Sep-2015 No
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