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Owner Information:
Andrew Suiter
2519 Chamberlain
Manufacturer: OTHER Frame Material: Steel
Model Name: Royce Union Serial Number: Not Known
Color: Yellow Model Year: 1973
Frame Size (cm/in): 54 Date Missing: 18-Jun-2017
Reward: Yes
Wheel Diameter:
18 in
Bike Description:
The bike was an old Royce Union from the 70's. It has black wheels and black handlebar tape with the curvy type of handlebars. The bike was yellow and had registration stickers from both ISU and the U of Iowa dating back to 1988. The bike also had a street address in Ames scratched into the yellow paint on the top of the frame in between the handlebars and the seat. Along with the street address, the numerals "73" were scratched into the paint. The bike also has a gear assembly which is much newer than the rest of the bike, as it has been repaired recently.
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