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Owner Information:
Daniel Bartlett
4033 Kerby Avenue North
Manufacturer: OTHER Frame Material: Aluminum
Model Name: Sondors Thin E-bike Serial Number: 2816041100836
Color: black Model Year: 2016
Frame Size (cm/in): < 38/15 Date Missing: 13-Apr-2018
Reward: Yes
Wheel Diameter:
18 in
Bike Description:
This is a single gear electric bike. The battery pack is located inside the middle triangular enclosure and needs a key to remove. The electric motor is built into the rear wheel hub. There is a small controller mounted to the right side handlebar. The motor supplies about 60% of your power whenever you are pedaling the bike. You can also make the bike run on straight electric power whenever you like. It has about a 40 to 50 mile range when you use pedal assist only, and about a 20 mile range using electric power only. The battery will recharge in about 2 to 6 hours depending on how low the battery charge is currently. I have added LED lights to the front and rear, a half inch heavy coiled steel lock, and a steel mount to the front handlebar for a basket. I intend to add fenders very soon. Some information above may be incorrect. I am unsure of the exact frame size and wheel size. The serial number might be printed on the exterior of the electric motor hub (I will add this when I know for sure). Serial number is printed on the electric motor hub 28-1604110083-6. It is the second number, the first number is the type and spec of the motor.
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