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Owner Information:
Elizabeth Kadow
6322 N. Troy
Manufacturer: GT Frame Material: Multi-Material
Model Name: Palomar Serial Number: P0DM69018
Color: mint green Model Year: 2001
Frame Size (cm/in): 41/16 Date Missing: 11-Aug-2009
Reward: Yes
Wheel Diameter:
26 in
Bike Description:
Mint green GT Palomar WOMENS mountain bike, wheel 26, frame 16. My bicycle was stolen this week from my backyard (lock was cut.) Please, if you see a bicycle that appears to be similar to this description, contact the Chicago police. They have a theft report on file and will be able to match it. ---Bike had a black pipe-looking attachment hooked to the axle and extending back next to the tire with a "K9 Cruiser" logo sticker (K9 Cruiser bike attachment, see photo minus the red leash piece). It extends back alongside the tire and slightly behind the tire (very noticeable.) May have been removed. ---Seat is 8" wide black gel seat with gray along the sides and white/gray logo on saddle horn's side (see photo.) ---Black plastic attachment with red button was hooked to the middle of the handlebars. Could have been removed. Also there was a piece of black plastic sticking out from the end of the left handlebar, sticking up (used to be a mirror attached.) ---Wire/Metal water bottle holder on frame. If you see a bike with the black pipe-looking K9 Cruiser attachment sticking out from the axle on the rear tire, please call the police and report it. This is a very unusual attachment so if you see it, you are probably looking at my bike!!
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