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Owner Information:
Mik Ratzlaff
Fargo,North Dakota
Manufacturer: Kestrel Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
Model Name: Talon Serial Number: I01114
Color: Red/Black/white Model Year: 2011
Frame Size (cm/in): 41/16 Date Missing: 30-May-2014
Reward: Yes
Wheel Diameter:
Bike Description:
1. Kestrel Talon with carbon fiber frame 2. Red frame with black and white trim 3. White, curved handlebars, white brake lines 4. Red seat with worn seat post 5. Black headlight, taillight (battery almost dead), and odometer/computer 6. Curved aerobar with moveable forearm rests (Profile Design Airstryke) 7. Shimano brakes, derailleur, and tires 8. Gray metal half-clipless pedals (pedal one side, clip on other) (Shimano) 9. Black plastic fender only on front tire 10. Tires have presta valves: front has gold(longer), back tube has silver(shorter) Unsure on frame size, fairly sure on wheel diameter
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