Decal Kit Install
Decal Kit Install - Congratulations! You have arrived at a semi-private page and are likely in possession of a BikeRegistry Decal Kit which you are preparing to install.  Your decals and their placement are quite a bit different than the common “big reflective” decals provided by a university or municipality, which are designed to be easily seen (and often peeled off by the bad guys). Please review the following prior to installing your BikeRegistry Decal Kit.

Placement Strategy

Transparent Decal (lowermost photo, Fig 6)
One of the key elements of BikeRegistry is the element of stealth.  The transparent decal is sized & designed to “blend in” with your bike’s graphics such that it is not easily noticed and removed by the thief, yet noticeable enough that the next “owner”, law enforcement, property manager, nosey neighbor, can spot it.  You will probably wish to place the transparent decal in a fairly prominent position. (note-You should have a decal printed w/ black ink for a lighter colored bike; white ink for a darker colored bike.)

Two (2) Vinyl Refective Destructable Decals
It is suggested that one (1) of the vinyl decals be placed on the underside of the bottom bracket (Fig 1a & 1b).  The idea is for it to remain hidden from the thief, yet be obvious when the next cyclist does a thorough cleaning or perhaps “flips it over” to perform some maintenance on the wheels or drive gear.  Also some police agencies find it most convenient to store their inventory of stolen bikes “flipped over” on their seat/handlebars in the warehouse.
The second vinyl decal should be placed in a quasi-easy to see location, that it not real easy to physically get to.  Such as between the front forks (Fig 2) or on the inboard side of the seat stay or chain stay.  You will likely want to remove a front or rear wheel to properly install this second decal.  The idea is that it should be reasonably easy to see, but VERY difficult to physically get to. In 48 hours, the vinyl decals will cure. Once cured the destructable vinyl decal can only be removed by pulling off hundreds of time consuming pieces.

Additional Hints:

Lay a few additional landmines for the bad guys by taking the following action:
#1 – “Split” the second decal, as shown in the photo below (Fig 3), placing the larger portion on the inside of the forks, seat or chain stay.  Place the smaller portion at another location, such as the underside of the saddle (Fig 4).
#2 – To protect your wheelset. The next time you change a tire, simply use a Sharpie (or equiv permanent marker) to write in big bold letters across your rim tape (Fig 5). Inlcude your bike's serial number.  (Should your tape be black, place a piece of white tape over it first.)
#3 – Get creative, split the decal and attach to some out-of-the-way places, such as on the crank arm (Fig 7). 
#4 – To protect other accessories. Use a fine tipped permanent marker to write followed by your bike's serial number in a out of the way place. 
#5 – If your bike has handlebar tape. The next time you replace it, place a piece of white tape/paper under the new bar tape, labeled with your bike's serial number .

Best Wishes for Your Continued Safe and Happy Cycling!