Our Warranty


1) General Warranty-ALL BikeRegistry Products -Your satifaction is absolutely guaranteed by our no frills, NO fine print, money back warranty.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us.
There is no need to call for a Return Authorization.
Simply send it back for a full refund or exchange at the address shown below. All we need to know is who you are, an e-mail address and/or daytime phone number, and what you would like us to do for you. (Any reimbursements or adjustments will be made by original method of payment.)

2) Additional Warranty-Decal Kits - BikeRegistry offers the highest probability of recovery in the industry.  We warrant that if your Registered & TAG'd  bike goes missing and is not recovered within one (1) month, BikeRegistry will provide a replacement Decal Kit for your next bike at no charge to you AND that your stolen bike information will remain posted in the Hot Sheet until recovery is made and/or the offending party is brought to justice.

3) Additional Warranty-Bike Locks - We warrent that your BikeRegistry/ABUS security chain/lock will work perfectly and smoothly for a period of one (1) year. If not, ship it back and let us know what you would like us to do for you. Additionally, should someone be foolish enough to try and steal your bike when secured by the BikeRegistry lock, damaging the lock such that it is unusable, return it (along w/ a police report) for a new replacement. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that someone actually succeeds in stealing your bike when protected by the BikeRegistry Security Chain, send in a police report and we'll send a new lock set out pronto.

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