About Us

BikeRegistry was conceived of and designed by a small group of cyclists for the benefit of the global cycling community.  The concept of BikeRegistry addresses the changing marketplace for stolen bikes.  Formerly it could be expected that missing bikes would turn up somewhere in the neighborhood or perhaps at the local pawn shop.


Today it is possible that a stolen bike can be sold on one of the many peer-to-peer ecommerce sites (craigslist, eBay, etc) and "fenced" to an unsuspecting buyer many miles or perhaps countries away.  All very rapidly.  High value models are especially susceptible to such theft.


BikeRegistry offers:

1) Peace of Mind - Even if your bike never becomes a stolen bike statistic, it is good to know that you are protected.

2) Opportunity for Recovery – Without pre-planning a stolen bike will have less than a 2.2% chance of recovery (NYCPD_1991).  With BikeRegistry you have the highest probability of recovery available from any registry service. Instantly and reliably.

2) Police Report – One of the reasons that the recovery rate is so low is that the typical police report is fraught with sparse details.  With BikeRegistry, all information concerning your bike's “identity” is available to you if needed.

3) Insurance Report – You’ve invested a lot in your bike.  In the event you need to file an insurance report you will have all the accessory details available to enable you file a claim and obtain an equitable insurance settlement.

4) Easy and effective access to stolen bike information by the cycling public and law enforcement.


Register and manage your entire bike fleet for FREE.  Decal Kits available at nominal cost.